About us

When I was young, I crash landed to earth in a space capsule when my home planet exploded. Since maturity I found I had the unique mutant power to make really good pot noodles and toast. With these amazing powers, my first thoughts were to......

No 1. Buy a Sausage dog and call her Digby, and a Squirrel Monkey and call him Joey.

No 2. Become an evil overlord, and create an army of cloned Digby’s and Joey’s, which I would command to do my bidding.

No 3. Accomplish world domination and enslave the human race, making it law to be a total geek and love comic books.

But after some contemplation, I thought, what the hell, I will just start a comic store and make everyone a geek that way!

The world one day will witness the full power of my pot noodle and toast making powers, and I will rule an army of attack sausage dogs and squirrel monkeys!!

Comic Publishers