VENOM #150 U.S. Exclusive Colour/BW Splash Variant

7 Ate 9 Comics


Colour / BW Splash Is Limited To Only 3000 World Wide

Venom #150

(W) Costa, Mike (A) Sandoval, Gerardo (C) Sandoval, Gerardo

REUNITED- AND IT FEELS SO GOOD! Or- feels so bad? However it feels- Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote have been reunited- and they're web-slinging their way around New York again. Featuring a host (hah!) of Venom creators from the character's near 30-year history- this monstrous anniversary spectacular welcomes guest artist TRADD MOORE for an oversized and brutal main story AND a lethal story featuring fan-favorite creators David Michelinie and Ron Lim- reunited! With questions still lingering about how the symbiote was separated from Flash Thompson- and what lies in its future now that it's reunited with Eddie Brock- this is one issue you can't afford to miss!

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